Reservation Rules
First, the booking time 08:00 ~ 22:00 phone please dial 0958588015 COCO
Second, the deposit problem
(1) within three days after booking, please complete the 50% deposit payment procedures, please call us at the end after the completion of the remittance sender or account 5 yards to facilitate reconciliation.
(2) Ruoyin personal factors can not come, the best advance notice, the deposit may be retained for six months, may be transferred to friends and family.
(3) Every day stay typhoons or earthquakes and other natural disasters force majeure (in onshore alert issued by the Central Weather Bureau over major natural disasters for the guidelines), you can return the full deposit (to be deducted 100 yuan fee) or retained for six months.
(4) a typhoon warning has been lifted, but still bad weather conditions (such as heavy rain) when there are signs of a typhoon or suspected of, but can retain their booking deposit is not refundable, and must be made prior to stay at 12:00 on the 1st before, OT or proposed date of deemed canceled. If you insist to return the deposit, then deduct set Jinwu Cheng.
Reservations for groups because more Passengers To rescheduled recommended not to use extension mode.

Third, Cancellations
Many bed and breakfasts each set their own rules, consider the credibility and neutrality, or in accordance with regulations issued by the Tourism Bureau prevail.
In accordance with the Tourism Bureau 13 January 1999, cross-road Zi No. 0990000402 letter released with the following provisions:
When Article guests termination, may request the return of the deposit Bed paid according to the following criteria of:
First, the guest book accommodations were canceled on the 14th day, may request Bed refund 100% of the deposit paid.
Second, the guest book accommodation before 7-9 days were canceled, it may request Bed refundable deposit of 50% paid.
Third, the guest accommodation booking cancellation 4-6 days before the person may request Bed refundable deposit of 40% paid.
Fourth, the guest book accommodations to the 3rd 2 Cancels who may request Bed refundable deposit of 30% paid.
Five guest book accommodations were canceled on the 2nd day, you may request Bed refund paid 20% deposit.
Six passengers that day were canceled or delayed in notifying the scheduled date accommodation, B & B could not refund the passenger paid the entire deposit.