About Green Island

Transfer (Taiwan main city - Taitung - Green Island)

After you enter to Taiwan, you need to go TAI-TUNG first before ahead to Green Island
1. By Train :
From Taipei /Kaohsiung / Hualien to Taitung


2.  By Internal Fly :
From Taipei International Airport to Tai-Tung via UNI Air or Mandarin Airlines



( If you need to stay overnight in Taitung, please contact us, we can book the room for you )

After you arrive TAI-TUNG, you can choose to take a ferry or fly to Green Island

1. Ferry schedule :
Taitung - Green Island → 9:30 AM /11:30 AM /13:30 PM

Green Island - Taitung →  8:30 AM /12:30 PM/ 14:30 PM

** Transfering time : 1 Hours / price :$460 NT per person

The daily schedule of the ferry will be different, please check the website first


2.Fly to Green Island

From Taitung Airport fly to Green Island (Ludao) via Daily Air.


There is no Bank in Green Island, only Post office with ATM machine.
So make sure you have enough New Taiwan Dollar in your trip.

Renting scooter

It’s very easy to rent a scooter on the island. There are many rental shops near the main pier or along the main street. Price starts from NT$350 per day.  

If you don’t have a Taiwan driver's license you can rent an electric scooter, Price starts from NT$600  per day.


We have 4G/3G covered, also we provided wifi.


We have a clinic on the island near the airport. Business hours: 9 Am - 5 PM.

 相關連結:背包客住宿 | 綠島民宿,綠島住宿綠島潛水 | 綠島潛水中心

Our Rooms

Diving Services

  • Diving Services

    As long as there is a lot of fish jumping into the sea to die ~~~

    Green visibility super praise it!

    You also want to experience diving it?

    Now booking: 0,958,588,015

    Lind id: 0958588015

Blue Ocean Bar

  • Green 9Bar

    Located three minutes walk from the place

    (Fishing No. 1-60)

    Hours 08: 00-24: 00

    Open to provide catering services.

    Yes This opening.

  • 綠島9Bar


    營業時間0800-2400 提共啤酒調酒汽水和各式炸物 每人低消200