You never bothered to Green Island diving is Taizuo first meal of the curse!
We offer another you are not one of the best diving in the semi-vacation environment.
Good shade. Comfortable lounge chairs. Side looked out fishing. Only slightly accompanied by music. Several novels!
Of course there will be a show of hands of cold drinks. Believe that we can satisfy every discerning guest.
10 staff members. Only 24 greeting distinguished guests!
Low rates can easily have five-star resorts to enjoy how to prevent your own priority!


Our Rooms

Diving Services

  • Diving Services

    As long as there is a lot of fish jumping into the sea to die ~~~

    Green visibility super praise it!

    You also want to experience diving it?

    Now booking: 0,958,588,015

    Lind id: 0958588015

Blue Ocean Bar

  • Green 9Bar

    Located three minutes walk from the place

    (Fishing No. 1-60)

    Hours 08: 00-24: 00

    Open to provide catering services.

    Yes This opening.

  • 綠島9Bar


    營業時間0800-2400 提共啤酒調酒汽水和各式炸物 每人低消200