1 Taitung, Green Island return tickets <including Ping An Insurance 2000000>

2 roundabout 125cc motorcycle use 24 hours <both an oil-funded, need to prepare license>

3 Explore dive

4 night fishing fishing

5 glass-bottom boat

6 Full Green Island snorkeling activities (including license qualified coach + outfit + Ping 2000000)

7 free guided night, Yetan deer, human ecology Commentary

8 free guided intertidal zone

9 Asahi spa coupon

10 eat grilled BBQ

11 senior Mongolian barbecue eat

(Station taxi to Tomioka time for about 30 minutes,

Tomioka boat to Green Island, about 50 minutes one way, you set aside time to avoid delays in travel. )

[Notes] receive tickets tickets flow ~


Suitable for: remitted deposit. Boat class time confirmation and reservation center.

Cruise Network http://www.ezboat.com.tw/

Process a: must be 30 minutes early to Tomioka fishing port waiting room.

Process II: Upon arrival cabins, to counter any tickets.

(Inform the counter you are guest on the 9th of Green Island, booking name, number of people to take to return tickets)

How to Green Island?

Green Island opposite Taitung, can take a boat or aircraft.

[Ferry (boat)]

(1) Guest drive Go to the "Taitung Tomioka fishing" Tomioka fishing offers free parking.

(2) Passengers aboard the train to "Taitung Station" and get off, then take a taxi or passenger in Tomioka fishing off

, "Hualien passenger" direct access to the waiting room, "Ding-dong passenger" in Tomioka fishing outside off, then walk 10 minutes up to the waiting room.

Line: "Taitung Green" "Green Taitung"

[Aviation (by plane)]

"Taitung Green" "Green Taitung", "Taitung Orchid" "Orchid Taitung" route, round-trip, now run by the Dean airline.

Domestic routes query: http: //www.caa.gov.tw/big5/timesheet/index.asp?

Suggested Itinerary:

First day:

Tomioka fishing port to take the luxury liner arrived in Green Island hand post 125cc motorcycle Hotel CHECK IN lunch

Expand roundabout journey [Green Island lighthouse, human rights monument, Cave, a small Great Wall, cucumber Ping, Sleeping Beauty ...]

Dinner free.

Second day:

Morning call Breakfast snorkeling (watch the beautiful underwater world) take a break - to challenge Mountain Trail lunch

Niutoushan Great Wall grapefruit small lake Shell Beach admire the sunset taking pictures Dinner free activities

[Enjoy only three of the world's rare undersea hot springs. ... Asahi spa - enjoy the beautiful starry sky].

Day 3:

Morning call Breakfast Qingqingcaoyuan art shop shook 10: 00 Hotel CHECK OUT Green last tour

Green Harbour take the luxury liner Taitung Tomioka pier to Taitung railway station or airport (or self-drive) - Returns the warm home.


Our Rooms

Diving Services

  • Diving Services

    As long as there is a lot of fish jumping into the sea to die ~~~

    Green visibility super praise it!

    You also want to experience diving it?

    Now booking: 0,958,588,015

    Lind id: 0958588015

Blue Ocean Bar

  • Green 9Bar

    Located three minutes walk from the place

    (Fishing No. 1-60)

    Hours 08: 00-24: 00

    Open to provide catering services.

    Yes This opening.

  • 綠島9Bar


    營業時間0800-2400 提共啤酒調酒汽水和各式炸物 每人低消200