The resort location is located Lang snorkeling stone door

Full-Green Island snorkelling (including qualified instructor license outfit + + Ping 2000000)

Dive Course fee
PADI Discover Scuba Diving (Discover Scuba Diving Program) 2500

PADI Scuba Review (Scuba Review) 2000

PADI Open Water Diver (Open Water Diver Course) 13000

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (Adventures in Diving Program) 13000

PADI Rescue Diver (Rescue Diver Course) 8500

PADI Master Scuba Diver (Master Scuba Diver Program) 8500

PADI Divemaster (Divemaster Course) 30000

PADI Open Water Coach (Open Water Scuba Instructor) 120000


Each PADI Specialty Courses 4500
Boat Adventure Dive boat dives
Deep Adventure Dive dive
Night Adventure Dive Night Dive
Wreck Adventure Dive Wreck
Drift Adventure Dive Dive restocking
Dry Suit Adventure Dive Dry jackets
Enriched Air Adventure Dive keep high air diving
Search and Recovery Adventure Dive Adventure Exploration Retriever
Peak Performance Buayancy Dive Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure
Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive Underwater Navigation Adventure

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Because this resort location is located Lang snorkeling stone door

So diver emergency center set up
Green latent provided for all passengers:
Emergency call bell
Emergency bandage
Oxygen supply aid
Rapid evacuation of the island (to the airport) Service
Quickly rushed to the hospital (Green Island clinics) Service
CPR Support


PADI OW course

Both of them together $ 18,000 / person
(Including: accommodation, tickets, programs, equipment, Chinese teaching, coaching fees, gas cylinders, motorcycles, breakfast, lunch, dinner.)

Exclusive training pool. PADI Five Star Dive Resort


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Diving Services

  • Diving Services

    As long as there is a lot of fish jumping into the sea to die ~~~

    Green visibility super praise it!

    You also want to experience diving it?

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Blue Ocean Bar

  • Green 9Bar

    Located three minutes walk from the place

    (Fishing No. 1-60)

    Hours 08: 00-24: 00

    Open to provide catering services.

    Yes This opening.

  • 綠島9Bar


    營業時間0800-2400 提共啤酒調酒汽水和各式炸物 每人低消200