1.Check-in and Check-out time
Check-in: two in the afternoon, guests arrive in the morning may first be placed in the baggage hall, if one day we did not live before
Tenant person, then you can check in advance before two in the afternoon.
Check-out: 10:00, if necessary extended, depending on the date of whether there has been a deliberate check other tenants.
Deposit luggage: After Check-out luggage can be sent until 30 minutes before placing boarding hall

2. We provide supplies equipment:
* Rooms: All hardware and fixed facilities Free access
* Kitchen: drinking all day To use counter refrigerator Keqia smile at your service
* Washing machine + tumble dryer
* Internet: Complimentary WIFI Search 9padi password 19191919

3. Love your home short lived
* Please take care of the accommodation environment, facilities and all the supplies, we in the housing, there will be an inventory of all items in the program,
If the use of the wrong facilities damaged or missing items, will be asked to return to reasonable compensation
* Room engaged in illegal activities, it will immediately alarm processing
* Do not respect the neighbors noise, keep it clean, non-smoking indoors,
* Each group tenant occupancy, no matter how many people have only one key, please return it at the check-out counter

--------------------------~~*Intimate small reminder*~~-------------------------------

1. breakfast meal times: 07: 00-09: 00 Dining options: 2F outdoor seating area
2. Recommends Duration:
* Snorkeling: 08:00 / 14:00
Location: Happy locomotive row
(15 minutes in advance u wearing bikini / swimming trunks / beach dress pants to set locomotive line)
* Night Tour: Duration: 19:45
Location: Happy locomotive row (20:00 departure, travel approximately one hour)
* Spa: Time: 06:00 - 24:00
Location: Asahi Spa
(Please bring swimsuit, cap, towel, bathing supplies provided scene let you wash the smell)
3. The second floor bar is open from 19: 00-22: 30 (Last order 22:00)
4. Restaurant: We have to sell light meals and drinks, lunch at 11 am, dinner at 17:00 inform counter
To prepare dishes for the kitchen eating out we also offer a restaurant booking service, if necessary, please


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Our Rooms

Diving Services

  • Diving Services

    As long as there is a lot of fish jumping into the sea to die ~~~

    Green visibility super praise it!

    You also want to experience diving it?

    Now booking: 0,958,588,015

    Lind id: 0958588015

Blue Ocean Bar

  • Green 9Bar

    Located three minutes walk from the place

    (Fishing No. 1-60)

    Hours 08: 00-24: 00

    Open to provide catering services.

    Yes This opening.

  • 綠島9Bar


    營業時間0800-2400 提共啤酒調酒汽水和各式炸物 每人低消200